Emergent Berlin 2021 A self-organised event series by and for local projects.


As we gradually emerge from the pandemic in Berlin, the climate catastrophe is knocking at our doorstep. We need to act with a sense of urgency. We invite fellow social-ecological projects and people who want to take action to reconnect, reflect on and share our collective and individual experiences and strategies. Where are we at? What can we learn from the pandemic? How can we step up to the evermore urgent climate and sustainability crises now? 

Six Months - Three Formats - Once a Week Every Tuesday night, from July to December

Project Presentations

Share your project’s status, learnings, needs and resources and strategies


Share a skill or pass on knowledge that can help and inspire others to take action.

Campfire Stories

Share your stories with us in in-depth dialogues and open conversations.

Interested in presenting your project, hosting a workshop or sharing your journey with us?

Festival program Upcoming events

July 6th Project Presentations: Personal Sustainability

With SuperCoop, Vagabund Brauerei, Bits & Bäume Berlin, Baumhaus Berlin

July 13th Teach-In: Dynamic Balance and the Inner Commons

With Scott Bolden

July 20th Teach-In: Cultivate Your Resilience

With Elise Magnin

July 27th Campfire Stories with Grrl Gang Berlin

With Amy Phillips

August 3rd Project Presentations: Ecological Sustainability

With AvantGardenLife, Wo kommt dein Essen her?, Climate Farmers, FoodSHIFT2030

August 10th Teach-In: Learn How to Test Your Local Soil and Be Part of a Collective Berlin Mapping Experience.

With Feld Food Forest's Open Soil Atlas

August 17th Teach-In: Mitmachen beim Klima-Volksbegehren Berlin 2030

With Klimaneustart Berlin

August 24th Teach-In: How to #Kiezblock & the Wandering Liveable Streetspace

With Jakob Schwarz and Kai Siefke, Changing Cities e.V. 

August 31st Campfire Stories: Searching for Solutions on a Collapsing Planet.

With José Luis Vicente Vicente (PhD Environmental Sciences)

September 7th Project Presentations: Aesthetic Sustainability

With Badabaum, Wir bauen Zukunft, Dylan Lee Lowry, Clean River Project e.V.

September 14th Teach-In: Flow Meditation - A Deep Connective & Resonant Group Meditation

With Scott Bolden

September 21st Teach-In: The Four Elements Within & Without

With Olivia Köhler

September 28th Camfire Stories with Jana Papenbroock

Documentary Filmmaker

October 5th Project Presentations: Cultural Sustainability

With the Berlin Food Policy Council, Panke Culture & more.

October 12th Teach-In: Bubbles & Bacteria - A Fermentation Deep Dive

With Alexis from Edible Alchemy

October 19th Teach-In: Building a Culture of Sustainability? Lessons from Eco-Communities.

With Olea Morris

October 26th Campfire Stories: A Culture of Emergence

With Scott Bolden from Das Baumhaus

November 2nd Project Presentations: Economic Sustainability

With the Circles, Robinhood Store & LebensMittelPunkte

November 16th Teach-In: Join the LebensMittelPunkte Movement

With Karen Wohlert

November 16th Teach-In: Community Land Stewardship

With Janna Ji

November 23rd Teach-In: The IKIGAI Framework

With Anna Hoffmann

November 30th Campfire Stories: How to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

With Monica & Mia from Roots Radicals

December 7th Project Presentations: Social Sustainability

With Aequa, Lobe Block & Torhaus

December 14th Knowing Me, Knowing You, Aha....Better Social Collaboration through Basic Tools of Emotionmanagement

With Jesta Phoenix from Emotionszeug

December 14th Closing Circle: Festival Review & Outlook

With the Baumhaus Team

Projects & Speakers

Mona Saddei

Co-Founder Torhaus Berlin e.V., Sustainable Regional Manager (BA)

Jesta Phoenix

Business Emotion Coach

Sarj Lynch

Director & Co-Founder of Aequa

Olivia Reynolds

Lobe Block Founder & Manager

Mia Mancini

Project Manager at Roots Radicals

Mónica Kisic Aguirre

Chef, Scientist, Artist - Founder of Roots Radicals